Are You Struggling with Paying Your Monthly Bills?

Inflation hitting you hard? Gas Prices high? Rent high? Putting some expenses on a credit card and then trying to make a payment on it that cover the amount you put on?   You aren’t alone. Before the pandemic, Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck. With the pandemic and the uneasiness that it has

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Do You Ever Wonder How You Stack Up Financially?

  I want to start of by saying that you should never compare yourself to others. This is a trigger for many and its often felt in your daily life. Whether you were competing or comparing yourself in school and now you are doing it in your workplace.    Talking about your finances is taboo.

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Do you need to declare bankruptcy?

I was recently reading an article in a fashion website about whether you should declare bankruptcy. The short of this article is it leads the individual asking the question to go through a debt consolidation program instead. I will start with the first obvious piece of information that I would hope most readers would notice.

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Are You Concerned with What Will Happen When Your Mortgage Company Tells You Your Forbearance is Ending and You Will Need to Start Making Payments?

The pandemic has not been kind to many people and that includes people who can’t pay their mortgage. Government entities and the banks worked together to provide these forbearances, allowing Americans some relief in an otherwise unforeseen situation that many people living paycheck to paycheck are experiencing. Heck, even if you have a savings net,

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Are you too young to file bankruptcy?

  You never saw this coming. You believed you went to school, came from a good family, and entered the job market, You were able to accumulate some belongings and live your life like the rest of your peers. What you didn’t realize was along the way you had picked up some credit card debt,

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