Are you too young to file bankruptcy?

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You never saw this coming. You believed you went to school, came from a good family, and entered the job market, You were able to accumulate some belongings and live your life like the rest of your peers. What you didn’t realize was along the way you had picked up some credit card debt, a medical bill here or there, and now you’ve got at least $10,000 in debt and that doesn’t include your student loans. Maybe along the way, your roommate moved out and you were unable to pay your rent, so you got evicted. You lost your job and couldn’t afford your car payment anymore or you got in a car accident and the car was declared a loss.


No book, no tv show, no movie has ever taught you that if you got in the financial bind, that you might need a bankruptcy. Miraculously, all the main characters in your books, movies, and in your life seem to just hang on and save themselves from financial ruin. Its not financial ruin unless you let it ruin you. If you’ve got the inability to pay on your debt, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It also doesn’t mean that you should take a second or third job if it makes your health and quality of life suffer. The US has offered bankruptcy protection to all individuals residing in the United States for decades. In fact, if you file bankruptcy once, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to fill bankruptcy again in the future. No one wants to do it and no one thing thinks they will, but life happens. Please give me a call to talk through your unique situation to see if bankruptcy is right for you.


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