Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Get Help Resolving Your Debt; Work with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Bellevue, WA Area

People go through divorce all the time, so why shouldn't you be able to divorce your debt?
When debt becomes overwhelming, bankruptcy may be the best path forward. It’s important and imperative that you take care of your debt, but that doesn’t always mean struggling to pay on old debt and not being able to afford to pay your day or day or monthly expenses. As a consumer bankruptcy attorney, I can assist you with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. My goal as your bankruptcy lawyer is to help guide Bellevue, WA residents through this difficult time so that you can find some measure of financial relief.

A Qualified Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Guide You Through the Process

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is beneficial because it cancels much of your debt quickly. Typically, a no-contest divorce can take 90 days, and a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy case upon filing can take 90 days from start to finish. A Chapter 7 Trustee will sell any non-exempt assets to pay creditors the money you owe them. In order to qualify, you must either:
  • Have income below the state median defined by the Bankruptcy Code
  • Pass a Bankruptcy Means Test (largely based on your income and expenses) to prove that you do not have enough disposable income to repay your debts.
While the loss of property may be daunting, it’s possible that you’ll still keep most if not all of your property. For many, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer a much-needed fresh start.

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