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Sometimes bankruptcy may not be the best path to take. Perhaps you only have one or a few debts that you need to work to get resolved or something or someone in your life isn't ready to file bankruptcy, debt settlement can help you.

Debt settlement is different than debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is typically serviced by a company and not an attorney. That company will ask for monthly payments from you in order for them to begin working on consolidating your debt. Some debts may not be consolidated. Therefore, you may still end up paying off some or all of your debts in full plus interest and fees. These companies are often operated out of your state and with no physical office front in your home state. Often, they have scammed many people who cannot do much to prosecute these individuals. Online reviews are often very good and boost your comfort level with them.

Debt settlement helps resolve a specific unpaid debt. Come talk to us to establish the best course of action.